I would like to talk about a new free mobile App and a new flavor of DQMH® module coupled, both using MQTT protocol to allow the mobile app Sniff what is happening on the LabVIEW side, this allows us as developers to be able to work apart from the computer screen and watch string messages of what is LabVIEW receiving and doing.

This mobile app is like WhatsApp but for DQMH® modules, you add modules as “contacts” and can call them, once the connection is established, you can trigger some DQMH® default events such as “Show Front Panel”, “Show Block Diagram for Troubleshooting”, “Stop Module”, also you can see the “Status updated” Broadcast event in the palm of your hand.

The new DQMH® flavor is based on a Cloneable one, so, this mobile app can call individual clones or just send the message to all of them.

Enrique Noé Arias

Enrique is a LabVIEW teacher, and software consultant, through his company PantherLAB, he provides custom LabVIEW Training and custom hardware-software solutions to all kinds of industries in México. He used to work at a research center automating optical experiments with LabVIEW, this year he is starting PantherLAB.

Enrique's interests are IoT, mobile app development, and everything about hardware-software interactions, he likes to travel and camping, and he is a coffee and music fanatic.

Enrique is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, and recently he on behalf of PantherLAB received the DQMH Trusted Advisor distinction, he co-hosts the LabVIEW User group LATAM and also is the admin of the Facebook Group "LabVIEW En Español".